the new cook

Even though I am 21 years of age, I have lived a rather privileged culinary life and not done much cooking on my own. This can mainly be credited to the many grueling hours my mother has spent in the kitchen and “delicious” meals I’ve enjoyed during my college years at the University of Washington.

As a new addition to the Art Culinaire team, I eagerly awaited a chance to cook with Showroom Manager, Abby, for our weekly staff “Lunch Bunch” meal. On the menu? Breakfast for Lunch. Perfect on a somewhat gloomy & windy Seattle afternoon.

We indulged ourselves in fluffy french toast featuring fresh sourdough bread and authentic maple syrup from Vermont. Secret ingredients in the batter? Nutmeg and of course extra splashes of aromatic vanilla. Also in the mix was a savory twist on a breakfast favorite, muffins. Abby & I prepared egg & bacon muffins, which got doused with spoonfuls of a gooey spinach & cheese florentine sauce. Today was my first time trying Tillamook Vintage Extra Sharp White Cheddar. Honestly.. phenomenal.

All of the menu was prepared here in our Woodinville showroom on our standard matte black Cluny and I started to understand what all of the fuss over the ranges was about. The traditional French plate spread the heat evenly & allowed me to bring my florentine sauce to a nice simmer. While preparing the florentine sauce on the stovetop, the small but ever powerful Cluny baked our french toast & muffins simultaneously in dual gas and electric ovens. The entire experience with the Cluny was very efficient.. minus a few snafoos due to user error 🙂

Although I hadn’t really been able to get my hands “dirty” in the kitchen before my big “Lunch Bunch” debut, I am happy with the way everything turned out and am very grateful for the tips & tricks Abby provided me along the way. I certainly hope to cook again on the Cluny in the near future! Stay tuned!