As a Range purchase will live in the heart of your home for years to come, no question is ever too small.  Please find below answers to some of our most oft asked questions.

I Have a Few Questions..

Where can I view a range?

As we act as sole importer and distributor of Lacanche Ranges in the US, we do not maintain dealers or distributors outside of our Showrooms in NYC, LA and Seattle.  We do however implore an Ambassador program for such clients that perhaps cannot visit a Showroom, but certainly want to see a Range live before purchase.  As these are private homes, we tend to make these connections a bit further down the line, when we’re sure of the Range that might best suit your cooking style and lifestyle needs, now and in years to come.

For further information and next steps, kindly email or call 800-570-2433.

Lacanche USA Locations:

Seattle (by appointment only)
Art Culinaire | Lacanche US
1701 1st Street, Snohomish, WA 98290
Appointments | (425) 408-9429 or

New York (by appointment only)
Art Culinaire | Lacanche US
1133 Broadway, New York, NY 10010
Appointments | (646) 358-4344 or

Los Angeles (by appointment only)
Art Culinaire | Lacanche US
2823 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405
Appointments | ‭(310) 526-7396‬ or

More Lacanche ranges on display at the following locations:

Albano Appliance - Pound Ridge, NY - Citeaux - faience/brass

Superior Woodcraft, Inc. - Doylestown, PA - Savigny - French blue/brass

Bespoke of Winchester - Winchester, MA - Bussy - black/nickel

Beck/Allen Cabinetry - Saint Louis, MO - Sully 2200 - armor/stainless

Please call each showroom prior to visiting to confirm hours.

How do your ranges compare to others on the market?

Analog in nature yet high in performance, the Lacanche Range attracts a client celebrating slow living, unparalleled craftsmanship and an unwavering attention to detail.  While many Ranges on the market offer variables in burner output, cleaning and gadgetry, a Lacanche Range allows you to act as the maestro, bringing family to the table and a true French heritage piece into the Kitchen.  

Many impressive, reliable, high performance ranges are available today. Most are designed for either convenience and cleaning (think: sealed burners and low output) or high heat and austere looks (think: nightmare drip trays and cafeteria cooking). Lacanche offers an unmatched blend of affordable luxury, artisan hand-assembly, heirloom-quality construction, and full-spectrum performance with superb clean-ability: functional art! Personally configure a Lacanche to harmonize with your personal space, individual lifestyle and cooking needs. Our team will gladly support you through this important process. Lacanche Love.

Can my range be free-standing in my kitchen, or does it have to have cabinetry surrounding it?

You can absolutely have your Lacanche range free-standing in your kitchen, without surrounding cabinetry or walls. In order to do so, you most likely will want to order 2 side panels to cover the back sides of the range. If your range has cabinets or a wall on one side, but not the other, you will want to order the side panel for that side. For more information on our stainless steel side panels, please click here.


Are your ovens gas, electric or electric convection?

Your choice! If your range features two ovens, you have several options: all-gas or all-electric, 1 gas and 1 electric, or 1 gas and 1 electric convection. Note: convection is not an option for the Cluny, Chagny, Beaune or Bussy model ovens.

Gas Oven. Provides a vigorous moist heat, more concentrated initially at the oven base. Hot, naturally convected air flows up the sides, converges at the top and circulates back down through the cavity center, providing even browning. As moist heat tends to blend flavors and lock in natural juices, the gas ovens are especially prized for exceptional roasting results. As the gas oven lose only 6% humidity within the oven walls, meats, breads and baked potatoes will also tend to be more flavorful and moist.

Electric Oven. Offers the possibility of lower temperature and a variety of cooking modes controlled by adjusting the top and bottom elements. The electric oven provides a dry heat and is ideally suitable for baking & broiling. Crusts tend to be crispier when pizza is baked in the electric oven, for example. The larger Sully-sized ovens include the ability to switch to fan-convection mode.

Your range design reflects personal preference and style. Most of our customers who have 2 ovens choose 1 gas and 1 electric, but some folks elect both to be solely gas or electric, usually related to special site limitations: off-grid (gas) or urban condos (typically all-electric), for example.

Can I get a convection oven?

Yes, for large Sully-sized ovens (21" wide). No, for small Cluny-sized ovens (16" wide). All large electric ovens are fitted with fan convection. Your range will have a toggle switch, so that you can cook with regular static electric or electric convection, depending on your needs. Gas ovens offer natural convection, meaning gas combustion produces vigorous circulation of hot and cool air in the oven cavity.

The convection fan removes about 2 inches from the oven depth, so we do not recommend convection for Cluny, Chagny, Beaune or Bussy models, as you will be losing precious space. Also, convection tends to reduce cooking times by about 15%.

Do the ovens have broilers?

Lacanche broilers are only found in electric or electric convection ovens. Both electric elements use infra-red heat as a quick and efficient means to transfer energy. Electric infra-red also allows for low-profile characteristics not found in gas ovens.

What are the interior sizes of the ovens?

The measurements below are from side to side and top to bottom (excluding light). For determining space for cookware, please consult your sales team representative or customer care. A standard oven will easily fit a ¼ sheet and a large oven will fit a ½ sheet. Each range comes with a drip tray(s) and pastry sheet(s) that are tailored made for your oven.  The drip trays are 15 ¼" w x 14" w x 1" d for a standard oven, and 21" x 12 ½ x 1" d for a large oven. They can be used for baking, roasting, or broiling. The pastry sheet fit can be used for baking, reheating needs, and other cooking needs.

Standard Ovens:                      16 1/4 "w x 11 1/2"h x 17"d (Beaune, Bussy, Chagny, Cluny models)

Large Gas Ovens:                     21 1/4"w x 11 1/2"h x 17"d (all other models that are not listed above)

Large Electric Ovens:               21" w x 11 1/2h x 16"d  (smaller space due to convection fan in the back)

Grande Electric Oven:             21 1/8"w x 6"h x 16" d (Found on the Rully)

Petite Electric Oven:                16 3/4" w x 6"h x 16" d (Found on the Chagny models)

Measurements above are for models produced from 2019 on.

The Cluny oven seems small. What will my limitations be?

Less is more!  Smaller, fitted ovens found support early in France, in part due to the culinary practice called "en-croûte". Beef, poultry or fish was wrapped in pastry or grasses and clay prior to placing in oven or fire, to tenderize and preserve flavor. Advantages: 1. better taste and texture, 2. heat concentrates on food instead of empty space, 3. moisture is preserved so foods don't burn as readily.

15-20-pound perfectly roasted turkeys (depending on turkey height)? No sweat! Standard-size cookie sheets, casserole dishes, cupcake tins and most dutch ovens will fit your Cluny oven. Potential issues are with oversized pizza and pastry sheets or grandpa's antique turkey roaster with the big fin handles. We provide you with fitted pastry sheets that lock onto your oven racks and vertical-handle roasters are fairly common.

Are the ovens self-cleaning?

No.  For good reason.  Professional ranges never offer self-cleaning due to safety concerns from excessive grease and controversial health issues associated with toxic teflon gas (PTFE) and other emissions at high temperatures. Lacanche oven interiors are simply safe, durable and non-porous porcelain-on-nickel-on-steel, which makes cleaning extremely easy. Simply warm the ovens and scrub the interior with a soft sponge, mild soap and water. Using the roasting pans and racks provided by Lacanche will diminish splattering.

The Dangers of Teflon: The Truth without the Hype

What comes with my range?

(1)-Pastry sheet per oven

(1)-Drip Tray per oven

(2)-Oven Racks per oven

(1)-Broiler Pan Insert

(1)- Wok Ring

(1)-Reducing Trivet (2 trivets for larger ranges)

(1)-Portable Simmering Plate (Classique models only)

What can I place in the Storage/Warming drawers?

The drawers under the ovens are convenient for storing utensils, racks, cookie sheets and flatware. When using the upper ovens, the drawers make an ideal warming area for plates, rolls, wet cotton hand towels, side dishes (cover with foil), etc.

Strong Advisory: DO NOT place items in drawers that may melt or burn.


What is the difference between the Classique and Traditional top?

Both burner options include one large, 18,000 BTU burner.

Classique. Burner sits below a regular cast iron grate, identical in style to the other burners on the stovetop. Good for boiling water or bringing any pot to high temperature quickly. Stir fry on demand with ease, very little thermal mass to slow cooking. To achieve similar results to the Traditional plate, a removable plate is included with each Classique range order.

Traditional. Steeped in centuries of culinary tradition. Originally used to tame coal or wood-fired stoves, the multi-functional traditional plate can hold plates for over hours with gentle, diffused heat. Guests are late? Serve up without the threat of cold portions. The burner is sunk into the stove top, then entirely covered by a cast iron plate, so that the heat distributes evenly above. The center of the plate can be removed in order to have direct access to the burner below. A staff favorite.

Advisory: the middle of the traditional French plate can get extremely warm, even on low heat! Large, thick pots work best here.

If the essence of french cooking may be attributed to the sauce, the essence of the French sauce may be attributed to the Traditional Plate, arguably the heart and soul of the range. The French affectionately call this le piano as one moves pots around the plate, often with the dexterity of a keyboard virtuoso.

What are Rangetop options?

On certain models there will be a space on the cooktop which you can customize to meet your specific cooking needs. This “blank canvas” can be fitted for one of the following:

(1) Stainless Steel Work Station

(2) 11,000 BTU burners

(2) 15,000 BTU burners

(1) Classique, 18,000 BTU burner

(1) Traditional, Iron Simmer Plate over an 18,000 BTU burner

(1) Plancha - high heat electric griddle, much like a Teppanyaki grill (available only on models with a warming cupboard and on Sully ranges)

(1) Flame grill

(1) Multi-Cooker

(1) Induction

Please give us a call if you want to discuss which optional Rangetop Option makes the most sense for your needs at 1-800-408-2433.

What is the Plancha?

The plancha is a versatile, high-heat electric griddle very similar to Teppanyaki grills found in Japanese steakhouses. Plancha surface temperatures are thermostatically controlled from 150-550 degrees Fahrenheit, making it the “Swiss army knife” of griddles. Prepare your favorite breakfast foods or achieve the perfect sear on your meats, seafood, and vegetables.

What is the Flame Grill*?

Flame Grill. Essentially bring the flavor and convenience of outdoor grilling…indoors!  If you are looking to extend your grilling season to avoid less than perfect weather, then the flame grill is a wonderful addition to your range. Professional performance ventilation system must be factored to accommodate higher outputs of smoke.

*Advisory: only available on models fitted with Warming Cupboard


Will all of the panels on the range match in color?

Slight color variances between batches are to be expected given the bespoke, handmade artisan nature of the porcelain enamel (colored glass) process.  As long as the panel sets are baked in the kiln ovens at the same time from the same batch, the color tones in a full set are a positive match.

Please note: all Control Panels can be of a slightly darker shade than the rest of the panels as they must be fired in the kiln a second time due to the enamel silk-screen dial markings overlayed over the panel enamel color.  The second pass through the kiln oven can naturally alter the panel color of the enamel to a slightly darker color shade.  This shade variance depends on the base enamel color (the first color layer under the final enamel color layers will be either white or black) and the final panel color.

How many premium color finishes do you offer?

We currently offer 28 premium color finishes, including stainless steel.

Which colors are considered to be “upgrades”?

Matte Black is our signature finish. All other color finishes, including stainless steel, are considered to be premium color finish upgrades. Please see prices for color upgrade charges on each respective product page. Custom colors are also available and are subject to additional charges. Please note that the process of creating a custom color adds on an additional 6-8 weeks minimum to the current lead times.

Color & Trim- Art Culinaire - Lacanche USA


What trim is standard?

Solid, non-lacquered, polished Brass is our signature trim. No additional upgrade charge for this trim. Brass will be on the rail ends of the towel bar, oven and burner knobs, and drawer pulls. The towel bar itself will always be brushed stainless steel. Since the Lacanche brass trim is non-coated, it is exposed to oxygen and will slowly patina over time - lending to a very classic, old-world appearance. If an aged brass appearance is not desired, all of the brass pieces can be easily restored to it's original condition with a non-abrasive metal polish.

What trim finish options do I have?

Four trim finishes are available: brass, nickel, brushed stainless, or chrome. Your trim choice will applied to the rail ends of the towel bar, oven and burner knobs, logo bezel, and drawer pulls. Finishes are extremely durable and electro-statically applied over a solid brass core.


What are my freight options from France to North America?

You may choose ocean freight or air freight for your ranges delivery. Air freight will reduce your overall ETA by about 1 month.

When can I expect delivery of my range?

Lead time for the arrival of your range depends chiefly on: (i) the length of the production queue when you order your custom-made Lacanche range (this varies depending on the extent to which demand exceeds the factory's production capacity), and (ii) your choice of air or sea freight.

Please visit our configuration tool at for current lead times and pricing, and do ask us for the latest update prior to placing your order. Find us at 800-570-2433 or

*Advisory: add 4 weeks if lead time includes August or December, as the factory customarily takes a holiday break during those times.

What do shipping charges include?

Lacanche ranges are shipped directly from France. Shipping charges include: freight, crating, insurance, customs, and lift gate delivery to your curbside or driveway. Typically, the onsite contractor or foreman will accept delivery and take responsibility for inside placement.


Where will my range be delivered?

Delivery will be to curb-side or a flat sidewalk or driveway. Please ensure that at least a 28-foot delivery truck can access your driveway. In order to transport your range inside we recommend purchasing a pair of inexpensive Forearm Forklifts, and utilizing a few strong individuals from your contracting team.

▶ Uncrating Your Lacanche Range - YouTube  Step-by-step instructions to inform and encourage your installation crew

Who will install my range?

Install consists of Uncrate & Set, and Hookup.  Usually, Uncrate & Set is best when provided by the site contractor who is familiar with your project.  Any electrician or plumber who is certified to hook up a gas line may provide Hookup for your range.

Installation Instructions - Art Culinaire - Lacanche USA


How do I get servicing in my area?

In addition to official Lacanche service staff stationed in Seattle, WA and New York, NY, Art Culinaire manages a national network of servicers across North America. To see a list of servicers who have worked on Lacanche ranges in the past, please visit our servicer page. However, you may work with any service provider whom you trust. We are eager to provide the best and most trusted technical support and are always open to referrals. A full inventory of all parts are maintained in our warehouse for ease of service.

You may also fix small issues yourself, with help from our how-to videos or by calling our service department with questions: 888-222-2930.

Is there a warranty on my range?

Yes, there is a 3-year warranty on parts and labor for your range. It gets better.  Art Culinaire considers its future to be in your hands, as consumer advocates, so we are very eager and motivated to ensure your range is 100% operational.  Our goal is to provide the best opportunity for your culinary success and we believe every Lacanche range should be a loved range.  The rest is up to you.

The service warranty supports the original user and guarantees that their range is free of manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 3 years from the factory shipment date. Liability shall be limited to replacement of defective parts and corresponding labor required within the warranty period.


What are the payment conditions for my range?

Lacanche ranges are handmade to your specifications by Burgundian artisans. This unique, old-world manufacturing practice distinguishes Lacanche from other mass produced units. Because each stove is custom built beginning upon order, a 40% deposit is required at the time the order is placed.

Advisory: Due to the custom nature of each order, deposits are non-refundable. Additional charges may accrue if changes are made after the order has been registered with the factory. The 60% balance payment is due when your stove is released from the factory for shipment. Review your sales order for more specific instructions.

What are the accepted forms of payment for the deposit & balance?

We accept Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Cashiers Check, or Wire Transfers.

If paying by Credit Car via phone (800-570-2433), please provide the following information:

  • Card Type: Visa, American Express, MasterCard
  • Card number, Expiration Date, & Card Verification Code (3 digits on back of Visa or MC, 4 digits on front of Amex)
  • Full Name (as it appears on card)
  • Billing address, including Zip Code


How do I clean the exterior finishes and cooking surface?

Knobs, porcelain and stainless surfaces may be cleaned with mild soap and water applied with a damp cloth. Rinse the surface with clean water and dry with a soft cloth. To avoid damaging the finish, do not use abrasive cleaners, Brillo pads or strong liquid cleaners on the brass, chrome, porcelain, and stainless surfaces.

How do I clean the oven interior?

Oven racks and rack guides should be removed and cleaned with a mild abrasive cleaner and sponge that includes a scrubbing pad. Rinse with clean water and dry with a soft cloth. The porcelain enamel walls in the ovens should wash easily with soap and water. Heavy spattering or spillovers may require cleaning with a mild oven cleaner. Do not allow food spills with a high sugar or acid content (milk, tomatoes, glaze, sauerkraut, fruit juices or pie filling) to cook onto the surface. This may cause a dull spot even after cleaning.

Refer to the Cleaning page for additional cleaning information.

How do I clean the cook top and the porcelain enamel on the range?

Always avoid harsh abrasives. The porcelain enamel requires just mild soap and water. Remember that porcelain enamel is essentially glass fused to metal and the Lacanche is coated in layers of porcelain enamel.

We recommend Bon Ami (found in many drug or hardware stores) for cleaning the Traditional Plate and the stainless steel.

How do I clean the burners?

The burners are made of solid brass. Brass burners can be soaked in a solution of water/vinegar or water/lemon juice and polished with brass cleaner, like brasso.  Most folks allow their burners to darken and patina, giving evidence to your seriousness as a cook.


What are the electrical requirements for a range?

All ranges operate on 208-240 volts (for lower voltage needs, please call). Full technical sheets are available under the Care & Service section of this website.

Specification Sheets - Art Culinaire - Lacanche USA

Will I be able to use my range safely if the power goes out?

Yes, the surface burners can be manually ignited in a power outage using a long match or BBQ lighter. The gas ovens can also be manually ignited, except for ranges produced between 2010 & 2016.

What size gas connection is needed?

Lacanche recommends a minimum ½” gas pipe supply with commercial-type flex hose. A conveniently located gas shut-off valve, external to the appliance, is required for safe and complete shutdown. Visit Home > Care & Service > Electrical Connection on this website for more details.

Do the ranges and cooktops have a continuous pilot light?

In a word, no. Lacanche gas ovens and cooktops perfectly blend a convenient electronic ignition with reliable safety thermocouple. For gas oven ignition, the igniter lights a pilot flame for each cooking session. When lit, the pilot flame heats a safety thermocouple, which opens a valve to the main burner. This system has proven safe, reliable and easy to repair over many years of active service. No worries...if for any reason the flame is extinguished, the thermocouple automatically shuts off gas flow to the oven burner.


Do We Offer Trade Pricing?

Art Culinaire maintains a factory-to-consumer pricing model in an effort to keep retail costs as low as possible. Trade members should contact their sales associate for further details or

Does Art Culinaire sell ventilation systems?

We are pleased to announce that the Lacanche hoods are now available for order here in the USA on most models!

I still have questions. How can I obtain more information?

Please reach out to us via phone or email if you have any further questions:

For questions regarding Sales, please call or email our Sales Team at or 800.570.2433.

For questions regarding Care and Use, please call our Customer Care team at 425-481-8850.

For questions regarding Service, please call or email our Technical Department at or 888-222-2930.

For a great overall view of the production community supporting Lacanche, visit: ▶ Lacanche Production Film - YouTube

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