Lacanche Multi Cooker

For some people, the Multi Cooker is an essential cooktop feature for cooking dainty dumplings, poached pears, fork-tender fish and more. This healthy cooking method is versatile for steaming, double baths, boiling, reheating, etc. Once people begin to use it they find all sorts of uses that compliments their cooking style. The Lacanche Multi Cooker is a multi-use cooking tool that allows cooking of all kinds of food through three differing cooking functions.

  • The STEAMER cooking function allows the cooking of vegetables, fish, meat, or any preparations needing soft, regular, and homogenous cooking, with a high level of moisture
  • The DOUBLE BATH function allows the maintaining in temperature of prepared food, the soft cooking at controlled temperature, and the making of preserves.
  • The BOILING function allows the cooking through immersion, the reheating of vacuum-packed food, the reheating of pasta and rice, and convection cooking in temperatures controlled water. For detailed use and setup please refer to the Lacanche manual in the Binder included with the range.

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