Lacanche Shipping

Delivery will be to curb-side or a flat sidewalk or driveway. Please ensure that at least a 28-foot delivery truck can access your driveway. In order to transport your range inside we recommend purchasing a pair of inexpensive Forearm Forklifts, and utilizing a few strong individuals from your contracting team.

Step-by-step instructions to inform and encourage your installation crew:

Who will install my range?

Install consists of Uncrate & Set, and Hookup.  Usually, Uncrate & Set is best when provided by the site contractor who is familiar with your project.  Any electrician or plumber who is certified to hook up a gas line may provide Hookup for your range.

Installation Instructions - Art Culinaire - Lacanche USA

Procedures for Receiving Shipment:

  1. Do not refuse shipment.
  2. Check your range crate for damage. Even if no crate damage is visible, please open and inspect carefully within 7 days for possible concealed damage. If damage exists, take well-focused photos of areas.
  3. If exterior damage is visible, advise the carrier immediately verbally, note the damage on the Bill of Lading and document with photos. Open and Inspect within 24 hours. Take well-focused photos.
  4. After inspection, leave your range in its original crate for protection if possible. If the contents have been damaged, and a claim is to be made, the carrier may require original crating material be kept for inspection as part of claim process. Please make allowances for storage.

Copies of the above documentation should be sent ...

With your careful attention to detail, this will be a success and assist you in ensuring you are receiving an undamaged product.