Oven Options

Dependent on the specific range models, ovens may be configured for either gas (natural or propane), electric standard/convection, and/or dual fuel. In some of our models, either a vertical convection oven, warming cupboard(s), petite broiler oven, or grande broiler oven are part of the model specifications.  The broilers are not available for gas ranges and are only found in electric or electric convection ovens.

Gas Oven: Provides a vigorous moist heat, more concentrated initially at the oven base. Hot, naturally convected air flows up the sides, converges at the top and circulates back down through the cavity center, providing even browning. As moist heat tends to blend flavors and lock in natural juices, the gas ovens are especially prized for exceptional roasting results. As the gas oven lose only 6% humidity within the oven walls, meats, breads and baked potatoes will also tend to be more flavorful and moist.

Electric Oven: Offers the possibility of lower temperature and a variety of cooking modes controlled by the top and bottom heating elements. The electric oven provides a dry heat and is ideal for baking & broiling. Crusts tend to be crispier when pizza is baked in the electric oven, for example. The larger Sully-sized ovens include the ability to switch to fan-convection mode.

Convection Oven: Convection ovens allow air to circulate causing faster temperature rise and the ability to cook food 15-20% faster. Because the fan is in the back, we recommend turning your baked goods halfway through the baking time. Ranges with convection will have a toggle switch, so that you can cook with regular static electric or electric convection, depending on your needs. The convection fan removes about 2 inches from the oven depth, so we do not recommend convection for Cluny, Chagny, Beaune or Bussy models, as you will be losing oven space.

Warming Cupboards: The vertical warming cupboards utilize a electric heat source with a temperature ranging from 80-250℉. They are wonderful for low temperature cooking, slow cooking, proofing bread, and drying and preserving foods.

Your range design reflects personal preference and style. Most of our customers who have 2 ovens choose 1 gas and 1 electric, but some people elect both to be solely gas or electric, usually related to special site limitations: off-grid (gas) or urban condos (typically all-electric), for example.

Oven Interior Dimensions *

Standard Oven Interior Dimension 16 1/4"w x 11 ½ "h x 17"d
Larger Oven Interior Dimension 21 1/4 "w x 11 ½ "h x 17"d (16"d if you opt for an electric/convection oven)
Vertical Convection Ovens 13 w x 17 3/8"h x 16"d
Warming Cupboards 13"w x 17 3/4"h x 21"d
Petite Broiler Oven (Chagny models) 16 3/4"w x 4 ½ "h x 16"d
Grande Broiler Oven (Rully) 21 1/8"w x 6"h x 16"d

*For selecting cookware to fit in your range, please consult with your sales representative or customer care. In general, there is ample room to fit a ¼ sheet in a standard oven and a ½ sheet in a large oven. Each range comes with a drip tray and pastry sheet(s) that are tailor made for your oven's space. The standard size drip tray is 15 ¼" w x 14" w, and the large one is 21" x 12 ½." This versatile drip pan with 1" lip can be used for baking, roasting, or broiling. The pastry sheets fit on the entire surface of the rack and can be used for all kinds of baking, roasting vegetables, and heating needs.

Featured below is our Sully 2200 model with one gas oven and one electric/convection oven, and two warming cupboards flanking on either side. Feel free to hover over or tap on the ovens & warming cupboards to get an inside view!

Sully 2200 Left warming cupboard Left oven Right oven Right warming cupboard

Configure ovens as you like: 1 Gas and 1 Electric, 2 Gas, or 2 Electric. Note: Sully-sized electric oven comes standard with a toggle switch allowing for Convection.