Oven Options

Lacanche offers three oven types: Electric, Electric Fan Convection, and Gas (available in propane or natural gas). In general, gas combustion releases naturally convected air and water vapor. Hot, moist air helps the gas oven produce blended flavors, producing succulent, perfectly roasted turkeys, tender meats. The electric oven produces dry heat, ideal for sealing flavors, world-class baking and pastries. Because each operating nuance widens the spectrum of cooking possibilities, clients who select a double oven range typically opt for one gas oven and one electric oven.

Oven Interior Dimensions

Smaller Cluny-sized ovens 16"w x 12"h x 18"d
Larger Sully-sized ovens 21"w x 12"h x 18"d (16"d if you opt for an electric/convection oven)
Vertical Convection ovens on the Beaune & Bussy 12 ¾"w x 17 ⅝"h x 16 ⅛"d
Vertical Convection ovens (Citeaux, Saulieu, Savigny) 12 ¾"w x 17 ⅝"h x 16 ⅛"d
Warming Cupboards 13"w x 20"h x 21"d
Petite Broiler Oven (Chagny models) 16"w x 6"h x 17"d
Grande Broiler Oven (Rully) 21"w x 6"h x 18"d

Featured below is our Sully 2200 model with one gas oven and one electric/convection oven, and two warming cupboards flanking on either side. Feel free to hover over or tap on the ovens & warming cupboards to get an inside view!

Sully 2200 Left warming cupboard Left oven Right oven Right warming cupboard

Configure ovens as you like: 1 Gas and 1 Electric, 2 Gas, or 2 Electric. Note: Sully-sized electric oven comes standard with a toggle switch allowing for Convection.