Welcome Guide - For New Owners

Here is a helpful booklet put together by Art Culinaire to acquaint you with your new Lacanche. This will be your go-to sourcebook for your range as it covers information about: Range Set Up, Included Accessories, Cooktop Options, Ovens and Burner Operation, Range Care, Service and Additional Resources. A printed copy of this booklet will be shipped with your range, but it is available to read here online or for download.

If you can't see the preview below, or are having problems reading it, please click on Art Culinaire Owner's Guide download.

Art Culinaire Owner's Guide

Our Art Culinaire Owner's Guide is for the owner and whomever will be cooking on the range.  Additionally, it will help you identify the included accessories and parts of your new range. It is focused on setting up the range, cooking on the range, and care. There is also an Art Culinaire Install Guide that contains technical information that should be provided to your installer/contracting team. 

By reviewing this material, you will ensure a seamless transition from receiving your range to cooking and baking on your Lacanche in no time! Just like learning a foreign language, there can be a learning curve while familiarizing yourself with your new range. Don't be afraid to practice by trial and error, while simultaneously pushing your culinary limits. With this in mind, have fun and bon appétit!