The "Never Ending Kitchen" with East Coast Team: Elisa & Taylor

Watch East Coast Sales Director, Elisa Waysenson, shine in her element: cooking for friends on a Lacanche range! Elisa prepared a gorgeous & rustic French 4-course, 8-dish menu featuring seasonal and fresh ingredients sure to make any mouth water.  Keep your eyes and ears peeled for future features of Elisa and Taylor in the “Never Ending Kitchen” series!

Bringing your Family Back to the Table


Cooking as a nurturing process began with the visual and continues in the tactile and auditory experience of the Lacanche: the sound of the flame igniting and the feel of the knobs smooth surface. The Lacanche evokes the strongest sense experience known to humans, olfactory. The aroma of favorite dishes passed on from generation to generation, or the addition of new recipes that will become tradition, welcomes family and friends and envelops them in memories, in creating memories.

Lacanche Enamel Factory Tour

Welcome to the Lacanche Enamel Factory, Émaillerie Rhenane! A true in-house favorite, this video takes you inside the plant that Lacanche uses to fire each unique panel set and details the intracacies the of the enameling process. Émaillerie Rhenane is located just North of Strasbourg in the small town of Ingeviller, and is one of the premier specialists in steel and cast iron enameling.  Our AC staff had the extraordinary opportunity to see the enameling process of the range panels from start to finish: from the mixing of the minerals, to the applying and baking of the enamel, and to final assembly.  Understanding the level of precision and due diligence required to make each panel set for the beloved Lacanche ranges has grown our respect for each artisan at the enameling factory, and we hope to share that experience with you!