Lacanche Burner Ignition

Owning a Lacanche range is exciting and rewarding, but we often find that new Lacanche owners need a little help making sure their burner caps are placed properly on their cooktop to ensure proper lighting of the flame.

Here are some helpful hints:

Rotate the top brass burner cap so that one of the burner ports is aligned with the tip of the spark igniter. This will give the spark a better opportunity to make direct contact with the fuel to ignite. See photo example below:

If the spark igniter height appears to be too low or too high (as in the photos below), adjust the height by simply following the video below – starting at minute 1:40:

Spark Ignitor Too Low (too far from burner cap)

Spark Ignitor Too High (too close to burner cap)


Igniting the burners:

Try depressing the knob and rotate to HIGH instead of IGN, as in this video. 

Heating the thermocouple:

All Lacanche ranges are equipped with thermocouple technology, a childproof safety feature. In fact, they are adult-proof, if the operation is not learned and practiced.

Only a heated thermocouple will allow your range to work safely and properly. To operate, turn knob counterclockwise past “IGN,” to “HIGH” and fully hold knob in to activate spark ignition system to ignite the burner. Keep the knob pushed in to give the flame enough time to heat the thermocouple on each burner in order to maintain the flame. Initially, this will take approximately 10–20 seconds for the safety thermocouple to heat up.

Once safety thermocouple is fully heated, rotate knob counterclockwise to desired temperature.

*Note: Never force the knob. When moving between “IGN” and to temperature, applying light rotational pressure to the knob while pressing in will help find the halfway point at which the knob will freely rotate. Once rotated to a temperature marking, the knob will not need to be pressed in to make adjustments.

Burner output:

The BTU output of these burners will always be the same.  However, you can lower the burner height by adjusting the screw after removing the knob.  We tuned each burner in house to go as low as possible without blowing out when rotated to low.  You can either adjust the burner height to make it lower, if you wish, or you can ignite the burner and rotate it slowly towards the OFF position until it is very low but not blowing out.  

The only real way to alter the temperature of an open flame is to place a thermal barrier like a diffuser disk between the flame and the pot/pan to absorb and spread out the energy over a wider surface area and cut down the open flame temperature. We have a couple of options available for purchase, but you can also use your traditional plate center disc and wok ring as a diffuser.

Top burner flame height adjustment video:

If you have questions about lighting your burners, we would be happy to speak with you over the phone while you are in front of your range.  Our main service line is 888-222-2930, or you can email us at

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