Our philosophy

Art Culinaire is based on the philosophy that cooking should be a nurturing experience for both the cook and their family and friends. Cooking with a Lacanche is a process that is sentient in every way. It is an aesthetic experience with a visually exquisite image. In a combination of materials that have been used for centuries, the design is familiar and timeless, yet technologically brilliant.

Bringing family and friends to the table

Cooking as a nurturing process began with the visual and continues in the tactile and auditory experience of the Lacanche: the sound of the flame igniting and the feel of the knobs smooth surface. The Lacanche evokes the strongest sense experience known to humans, olfactory. The aroma of favorite dishes passed on from generation to generation, or the addition of new recipes that will become tradition, welcomes family and friends and envelops them in memories, in creating memories.

Cooking is a gift shared by all

Art Culinaire believes that the ritual of the cooking process exemplifies and strengthens the best of the human experience: nurturing, creating and enhancing our relationships to family and friends. Like a heartfelt smile, sharing a meal is a gift for yourself, your family and your friends. Our greatest joys include seeing clients embrace a spirit of generosity and community by cooking for others.

Smoke-free cooking around the world

Healthy communities also Give Back Hope: to the environment, to society and especially to those unable to remunerate. Our special mission is to provide health awareness and solutions for the devastation produced by cooking indoors over an open fire. By some estimates over two billion people cook each day using essentially three rocks and a handful of sticks. To that end, we are actively assisting communities transition to health, including clean water and smoke-free cooking.