Amy Anton’s Cooking Classes in Houston

Amy Anton is the embodiment of our motto here at Art Culinaire, “Bringing the Family Back to the Table.” From a very young age, Amy would sit on the kitchen counter and watch her mom cook. As a teenager, she would host dinner parties for her high school friends, which she continued through college. Amy now has 3 boys and cooks constantly from her home in Houston where she hosts cooking classes twice a week on her Stainless Steel Lacanche Sully range.

Amy shares intimate, hands-on cooking and culinary experiences with writers, local artisans and chefs. These classes expand to include home cooks in unique locations around Texas. If you are a Lacanche owner in Texas, new or old, be sure to check out Amy’s classes for some helpful hints on using your range!

Kitchen Underground is Amy’s website where they are proudly obsessed with food and cooking. She says, “We’ve built lives around the perfect recipe. We started cooking as soon as we could pull a stool up to the stove. We learned family recipes from our mothers, fathers, and grandparents before we could read. We keep our knives sharp and our pantries stocked. We’ve got stories to tell, recipes to share, and a place at the table for you.”

Amy is passionate about local food, and is a founding board member of Recipe for Success Foundation and the founder of aaCooks, a Houston-based cooking forum. She was kind enough to share a fabulous spring recipe with us, which you can view here.

Here is our interview with Amy Anton:

Why Lacanche?

I was attracted to the Lacanche for its beauty and functionality. First, I think is a sexy stove…seems odd to say, but the knobs are refined and the design is simple yet beautiful…I also found many other stoves to seem heavy and masculine. I was also attracted to the functionality of the stove itself- there is nothing electronic that can break- it is simple mechanically, yet operates at a high level. 

What do you like best about the range?

I like using all the different size burners for different things like boiling water in a snap or slowly simmering soups- you can do it all- plus. I have enjoyed the plancha. It is great for pancakes and grilled cheeses and heating up lots of different foods at once, and it is the easiest thing to clean (or you can just put the lid down which is also a gift of convenience!)

How often do you use it?

I cook breakfast for myself, husband and 3 boys every day, and dinner at least 5 nights a week, then I use the stove during the day to teach cooking classes, so it is practically always on!

It sounds like you really love your Sully!

I was so excited when I ordered my Lacanche, and loved that it it took a slow boat to America before being transferred down to Texas. I tell my husband when I am a little old lady to just put me in it and bury me with the stove. Is that too weird?

Of course not! Tell us more about your cooking school.

My cooking lessons are very low key, and you don’t have to be a great cook to come. I always talk about basic ideas as we always need a refresh. I like to cook fresh, seasonal food that is easy to throw together without a lot of fuss. My over arching goal is just to get people in their kitchens, cooking more and enjoying it. Cooking should not be a chore, it should be a joyful experience that brings satisfaction to you, your friends, and family.

We couldn’t agree more! Many thanks to Amy Anton for taking the time to answer our questions. Find her on Instagram.

Happy Cooking!

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