Cluny or Chagny – How do I choose?

Many people who are in the decision making phase of purchasing their Lacanche range ask themselves, “Cluny or Chagny – how do I choose?” All of the Lacanche ranges are very modular and are built out of the same components (aka either the Cluny-sized oven or the Sully-sized oven as the base), with the Cluny and Chagny being essentially the same range, but with one slight variance… 

In a nutshell, the Chagny is indeed the sister of the Cluny oven, however they have removed the left-side storage drawer on the Chagny, dropped the main oven down and added the petite broiling oven over top of the main oven. The petite broiling oven is a low-profile, full temperature oven which is ideal for both broiling and for low-profile items (like pizza). Otherwise, both the Cluny and Chagny have the same cooktop and are the same, overall dimensions.

For a quick review:


Two smaller, main ovens (more deep than they are wide, but still will accommodate a 15-20 pound turkey – depending on turkey height), plus two storage drawers and a 5-burner cooktop


Two smaller, main ovens (more deep than they are wide, but still accommodates a 15-20 pound turkey – depending on turkey height…same ovens that are in the Cluny), with the addition of one small, petite full-temperature broiling oven, plus one storage drawer and a 5-burner cooktop

If you do choose the Chagny, you can use it for broiling, roasting and cooking things like pizza, crostini and roasted vegetables. Here’s the 6″ high Petite Oven with the door open:

So, the choice very much depends on whether you would like to have a petit oven above one of your main ovens (Chagny) or if you would prefer to have a storage drawer below both of your main ovens. Pretty simple, really!

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