Combining the subtle and sophisticated, the Cormatin Range offers extraordinary possibility in a sleek and streamlined design, measuring in at a handsome 27 9/16width.

Choose from one large Gas or Electric Convection Oven, with one of three distinct cooktops to suit your culinary style.

From $11,500

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Cormatin Classique range top

The Classique top features an open grate over the central 18,000 BTU burner. This option is ideal for sautéing and searing. A portable simmer plate will accompany this option to round out your cooking needs.


Cormatin Traditional range top

The Traditional top features a built-in cast-iron French plate over the central 18,000 BTU burner.  Those looking to sauce and simmer with finesse over a large surface area will love the Traditional top. It is possible to remove the center plug & still have direct access to the central burner, which is ideal for wok cooking.

Classique (4 Feux)

Cormatin Classique (4 feux) range top

The Classique 4 Feux features 4 burners: (2) 11,000 BTU burners, (1) 15,000 BTU burner, and (1) 5,000 BTU buner.  The Classique 4 Feux option is fantastic for those seeking a bit more flexibility on the cooktop, especially on smaller ranges.  A good mix of everyday burners, and you will be set!

Get more information about the cooktops.

Lacanche offers a full range of accessories fitted specifically to your range and designed to enhance your cooking experience.  With your range, you will receive:

There are additional optional accessories for sale, such as the:

What is the interior size of the oven?

21″w x 12″h x 18″d (keep in mind the electric oven will have a depth of 16″, as there will be a convection fan in the back).

Are the ovens gas, electric or electric convection?

Your choice! You may choose whether you would like to make this one large gas oven or electric oven with convection.

Can I get a convection oven?

Yes! If you choose to get an electric oven on the Cormatin model it will come with a toggle switch that allows you to convert to convection.

What are the electrical requirements for the range?

All ranges operate on 208-240 volts (for lower voltage needs, please call).  Please refer to our technical pages for further information.

What comes with my range?

  • (1)- Pastry sheet per oven
  • (1)-Drip Tray per oven
  • (2)-Oven Racks per oven
  • (1)-Broiler Pan Insert
  • (1)- Wok Ring
  • (1)-Reducing Trivet
  • (1)-Portable Simmering Plate (Classique models only)

How many premium color finishes do you offer?

We currently offer 24 premium color finishes, including stainless steel.

Which colors are considered to be “upgrades”?

Matte Black is our standard finish. All other color finishes, including stainless steel, are considered to be premium color finish upgrades. Please see prices for color upgrade charges on each respective product page.

Color & Trim- Art Culinaire – Lacanche USA

What trim is standard?

Solid Brass is our standard trim. No additional upgrade charge for this trim. Brass will be on the rail ends of the towel bar, oven and burner knobs, and drawer pulls. The towel bar itself will always be brushed stainless steel.

When can I expect delivery of my range?

Lead time for the arrival of your range is dependent on several factors: the size/model of the range you order, upgrading to a premium color finish, and then of course whether or not you choose air or ocean freight.

Please consult our Sales Team on current lead times. You can reach them at 800-570-2433 or For information on our Showrooms, please see our contact page.

Please see our Questions & Answers for all Lacanche ranges.

I have a very simple, white classic kitchen.
My 27.5" adorable black enamel Lacanche range makes the space unique and memorable.
I feel very chic and a little smug.
THANK YOU Lacanche for the breath of fabulous!
Barbara O., Philadelphia


The factory strives to meet your estimated completion date as much as possible, and our office will keep you updated with any changes on your ETA. Art Culinaire will be in touch with you during the complete shipping process, and the delivery company will contact with you exact date and details. Additionally, you will be notified by email when your range is in transit from France.

Delivery does not include installation. Due to the specific needs and site considerations for each project, we recommend utilizing your own building/remodeling crew and/or professionals that are familiar with your home and project needs.

**Because the freight company is not a moving service, delivery is only available to a flat sidewalk or driveway.**


Our service warranty supports the user and warranties their new Lacanche free of manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 3 years from the product delivery date. If the range changes owners within that 3 year period, this warranty will transfer to the new owner. Liability shall be limited to replacement of defective parts and corresponding labor required within the warranty period. We provide warranty service and parts for ranges purchased from Art Culinaire / Lacanche-USA Only. Repairs due to negligence or abuse must be assumed by the owner.



Range Height Dimensions
The default range height of 36.0″ will adjust up to a finished countertop height of 36 9/16″ using the 3 built-in nylon roller feet & front two adjustable leveling foot-pads.  If your finished countertop height is higher than 36 9/16″, then order the range at the next optional plinth height.
Default 36.0″ – 915mm
(Max 36 9/16″)
38.0″ – 965mm 9 1/16″ – 230mm
Optional 36 5/8″ – 930mm
(Max 37 3/16″)
38 9/16″ – 980mm 9 5/8″ – 245mm
All final range height dimensions are variable with the use of the adjustable range feet; Maximum added height for the Roller Feet: 9/16″ – 14mm.

Storage Drawer Inner Dimensions: 21″W x 20¾”D x 3¾”H

Overall Dimensions
Width 27 9/16″
Height 36″ (default), 36 ⅝” (optional)
Depth 30 ½”
Weight 400 lbs (crated)

View more detailed specifications here.


A. For the Cormatin model, choose an overhead canopy with the following optimum specifications: 32″ wide (36″ for island applications) x 24-27″deep.

B. Blowers should be rated at 300-550 cfm, with 6-8″ round ducting, or equivalent. Size should be measured by the style and quantity of cooking, i.e. Asian stir-fry (vaporized grease) requires higher performance blowers than French reduction (steam).

C. Hood can be mounted to wall or ceiling 30″-36″ (from hood base) off cooktop. Check with your hood company for specific requirements.

Please see here for more detailed ventilation guidelines.

Art Culinaire/Lacanche USA now distributes Lacanche hoods.  For other recommended hood dealers, please see the list here.