Fitting a 43 ½” width, both Chambertin and Chassagne Ranges lend to its chef a wider cooktop and a host of configurations.  Opt for a Classique, Traditional or 4-Burner hob, while still allowing space for either additional burner accessories or an extension of your workstation.  A larger, conventional oven capacity flawlessly roasts a 20-25 pound… Read more »


The Volnay and Vougeot Ranges offer a larger oven capacity and the luxury of a vertical warming cupboard.  While perfect for entertaining and keeping food warm, the warming cupboard also functions as a low temperature oven, ideal for proofing yeast, dehydrating vegetables, or echo’ing a soft cooking heat, similar to that of a crock-pot.  Begin… Read more »


Combining the subtle and sophisticated, the Cormatin Range offers extraordinary possibility in a sleek and streamlined design, measuring in at a handsome 27 9/16” width. Choose from one large Gas or Electric Convection Oven, with one of three distinct cooktops to suit your culinary style. From $8,250


Measuring at just a meter wide (or 39 ⅜”), the Cluny Range offers double ovens and the beauty of dual-fuel. This traditionally French oven size lends itself to a more intimate cooking area, thus eliminating excess oven space that inadvertently dries out food. The “Old World’ oven capacity nourishes aroma and flavor while still supporting… Read more »