Pastry Sheet

One rolled-steel pastry sheet is included with each Lacanche oven. Pictured is a 13″x19″ Sully sheet on corresponding oven rack. Preferred by pastry chefs for their superior performance over aluminum, each allows even airflow around all four sides. One 15″x15″ steel pastry sheet is included with each Cluny oven.

Drip Tray

Pictured is a Cluny-sized tray with chrome broiler insert, included with every Cluny oven. Sully-sized ovens will also receive corresponding drip trays with chrome broiler inserts. With the broiler insert in place, you are ready to “grill” (broil) inside an electric oven. The drip tray, when used separately, may be placed below any dish or pie-laden pastry… Read more »

Traditional Plate Cover

An attractive cover is available to protect your Traditional Plate while also providing a generous counter surface when the burner is not in use. This cover will also fit over a Classique burner. For a nominal charge this may be shipped directly from Art Culinaire. Currently available for delivery via UPS.

Reducing Trivet

Included with each Lacanche range, the reducing trivet bridges the gap between the cooktop grates, allowing the use of very small pots over side burners. Cormatin and Cluny models include one reducing trivet. All larger Lacanche ranges are supplied with two reducing trivets.

Portable Simmer Plate

Included with Classique ranges, the cast iron portable simmer plate allows all Lacanche range owners to enjoy the functionality of a Traditional Plate. Replicates simmer and sear features of the Lacanche Traditional Plate. Rests securely on a side grate while placing over any pair of side burners. By setting the back burner to “high” and the front… Read more »

Grill Plate

An optional accessory, the cast iron grill plate rests over any two side burners, locking on to grate to prevent sliding. Once seasoned, fish, lean meat and vegetables can be rapidly seared without added fats or oils. By setting the back burner to “high” and the front burner to “low” a corresponding heat gradient may be achieved. Imagine up… Read more »

Wok Ring

Included with each Lacanche range, the cast iron wok ring supports a large wok for stir frying. Design allows flame to envelop wok in a continuous wall of heat. Primarily intended for use above the large 18,000 BTU center burner on either the Classique or Traditional Plate, wok ring also allows use above a 15,000 BTU burner.