Butcher Block

Our portable butcher block is a heavy duty chopping surface that serves as a work station for food prep.

Telescoping Rack

Telescopic rack rails attach to the oven walls and are perfect for use with heavier items. They are fully extendable making checking and lifting food from oven easier.


A mid-length bib apron (poly/cotton). Comes in maroon, tan, brown, black, navy, and pink. All aprons come with official Lacanche logo.

Burner Bowl

Solid cast aluminum burner bowls sit underneath the brass burner caps helping to optimize air fuel mixture and providing protection from food debris and splatters.

Side Burner Cover

This brushed stainless steel side burner cover rests over two side burners to allow for working space when burners are not in use.

Brass Burner Cap

Solid brass burner replacement caps come in 5K, 11K, 15K, 18K BTU.

Plancha Splatter Guard

This stainless steel “shield” protects surrounding surfaces from grease or hot oil splatter. It is designed to fit the Plancha outer edge.

Large Reducing Trivet

The large reducing trivet bridges the gap between the Classique cooktop grates, allowing for the use of small to medium size pots on the 18k BTU burner.

Burner Cap Covers

Aesthetic covers for tarnished brass burner cap covers. May be used while burner is off or in use. Cost varies dependent on size. 5k BTU burner cover 11k BTU burner cover 15k BTU burner cover  18k BTU burner cover

Oven Rack

Two chrome-plated steel oven racks are included with each Lacanche oven (Cluny oven rack shown). Rack design allows Lacanche owners to remove dish-laden racks to “check and baste” accordingly. Safety-tip catch ensures rack is stopped prior to being over extended. To accommodate large roasts, a fully extended bottom rack will rest securely on corresponding open oven door.