Large Reducing Trivet

The large reducing trivet bridges the gap between the Classique cooktop grates, allowing for the use of small to medium size pots on the 18k BTU burner. $100

Heat Diffuser Disc

Nordic Ware 8″ Round aluminized steel disc functions as a single burner diffuser. Perfect for tempering the heat produced by highly conductive brass burners. Works on any sized burner. $25.  

Burner Cap Covers

Aesthetic covers for tarnished brass burner cap covers. May be used while burner is off or in use. Cost varies dependent on size. 5k BTU burner cover $28 11k BTU burner cover $30 15k BTU burner cover $31  18k BTU burner cover $33

Oven Rack

Two chrome-plated steel oven racks are included with each Lacanche oven (Cluny oven rack shown). Rack design allows Lacanche owners to remove dish-laden racks to “check and baste” accordingly. Safety-tip catch ensures rack is stopped prior to being over extended. To accommodate large roasts, a fully extended bottom rack will rest securely on corresponding open oven door.

(Enameled) Griddle Plate

An optional accessory, the enamel-coated cast iron griddle plate rests over any two side burners. Ideal for pancakes, French toast, and pan searing its unique design locks on to your Lacanche grate. To ensure even heat across the surface, both burners are typically set to the same level. A three-sided trough and gentle slope allows for adequate… Read more »

Splatter Guard

The optional splatter guard fits over the grill plate accessory’s outer edge. This stainless “shield” protects surrounding surfaces from grease or hot oil splatter. For a nominal charge this may be shipped directly from Art Culinaire. Currently available for delivery via UPS. $150  

Pastry Sheet

One rolled-steel pastry sheet is included with each Lacanche oven. Pictured is a 13″x19″ Sully sheet on corresponding oven rack. Preferred by pastry chefs for their superior performance over aluminum, each allows even airflow around all four sides. One 15″x15″ steel pastry sheet is included with each Cluny oven.

Drip Tray

Pictured is a Cluny-sized tray with chrome broiler insert, included with every Cluny oven. Sully-sized ovens will also receive corresponding drip trays with chrome broiler inserts. With the broiler insert in place, you are ready to “grill” (broil) inside an electric oven. The drip tray, when used separately, may be placed below any dish or pie-laden pastry… Read more »

Traditional Plate Cover

An attractive cover is available to protect your Traditional Plate while also providing a generous counter surface when the burner is not in use. This cover will also fit over a Classique burner. For a nominal charge this may be shipped directly from Art Culinaire. Currently available for delivery via UPS. $280

Reducing Trivet

Included with each Lacanche range, the reducing trivet bridges the gap between the cooktop grates, allowing the use of very small pots over side burners. Cormatin and Cluny models include one reducing trivet. All larger Lacanche ranges are supplied with two reducing trivets. $30.00