dinner party

One of our Lacanche ambassadors was kind enough to host a dinner party with our East Coast Sales Manager, Elisa. The occasion was called for so Elisa could spend some quality time preparing a meal on a Cluny 1400, in order to express to her clients the true experience of cooking with Lacanche.

Elisa brought her native French background, high energy and true love of food to the table, and they created a decadent meal to share.

Their menu:

1. Baked Brie with Olive Oil and Pine Nuts for appetizer, using the 11,000 BTU for nuts and electric oven for broiling the Brie

2. Salad with Tomatoes, Beets, Nuts, Grapes and Homemade Vinaigrette with Goat Cheese.
Used Gas Oven to roast Beets with Sea Salt, Cracked black pepper and Olive Oil

3. Ratatouille, on the 15,000 BTU for all vegetables (onions, green peppers, eggplant, tomatoes), then the traditional french simmer plate for 2 hours.

4. Pasta with Chicken and Mushroom, in a white wine sage cream sauce. Used 11,000 BTU for sauce (onions, mushroom, garlic, sage, white wine, cream), then the 18,000 BTU Classique for fast boiling water for pasta,

5 Tarte Tatin with homemade dough in the electric oven.

The ladies take a taste of their labor from the french plate, then enjoy the meal in the dining room.

The beautiful tarte (as all desserts tend to be) had the crowd raving and was naturally the most picture-esque of the batch.

Hope your dinner party memories are just as splendid!

cooking on the french plate

This week I hosted an afternoon late lunch meeting with a client who was deciding between the Classique vs. Traditional Cluny. I decided that a good pot of chicken soup would help her decide whether or not the Traditional French Plate was complementary to her cooking style.

I shopped for some fresh veggies and herbs (soup staples: carrots, celery, onion along with my favorite flavor boosters for chicken soup: thyme and Italian parsley) and chopped them prior to her arrival.

There’s something lovely about cooking on a marble top wine barrel.

My guest was also curious to see the baking potential for the smaller oven. I pre-heated the electric oven and broke into our stash of cookie dough, placing them on our pastry sheets which fit snug on the oven racks.

The Cluny sheets will fit 9 cookies perfectly, which is smaller than average, but feasible considering the double ovens. I love the way the cookies turn out on the pastry sheets-they never stick and are easy to clean. Plus, the compact oven ensures that each cookie turns out the delicious same.

Chicken soup was a nice afternoon crowd pleaser on a cold day. The French plate created a perfect, steamy, even simmer on the thick soup pot and our client, a frequent soup chef in winter, decided the French plate was the right choice for her.

Crepes and the Traditional Plate Cover

One of Lacanche’s favorite chefs, Keith Snow (of Harvest Eating) gives the lowdown on how to make delicious crepes with a creme topping drizzled with fresh honey. Check out those blackberries!

His beautiful Sully is shown in the background of this demo as he breaks down the intricacies of the seemingly intimidating crepe making process. Love his range set up, as the Lacanche is featured here as its own entity composing the entire space of the back wall. Keith has a traditional model with our signature traditional french plate feature, which is covered here by our shiny stainless steel cover, creating much needed extra work space. The cover allows him to fully utilize the space around and on the entire body of the range. All of the necessary go-to cooking items are kept in one space: cutting boards, knives, prep spoons, a big pepper grinder, oils, sugar and the large pasta pot. Having all of those necessities in the go-to area of the kitchen makes for easy prep, so he can keep concentration on creating beautiful dishes.

Decadence makes for a crowd pleasing, unique dessert served at home.

Featured lacanche model: Citeaux!

The Citeaux is one of our newest models, featured here in French Blue in our showroom in Seattle (along with our main service tech, Gregg!)

For anyone who has a space large enough for this grand range, the Citeaux is the perfect luxury workstation for anyone who takes on the esteemed duty of cooking a holiday meal or entertaining a large group of people. In addition to the impressive stovetop, it features both a vertical convection oven and warming cupboard on both sides of the main oven, making this beauty perfectly symmetrical in its elegant style.

As someone who is new to both baking and the benefits of the elusive convection oven, I’ve been reading some great articles. Fine Cooking has a great article written by resident Food Geek, Brian Geiger, which includes a visual distinction between the fluid particles of a convection vs. regular oven. Check it out here: http://www.finecooking.com/item/12686/the-convection-changeover and get those cookies in the oven!

The warming cupboard is truly a dream feature for a host, taking the pressure off of perfectly timing each unique part of the meal and allowing all of your delicious extras to rest in a warm spot. You can serve your eager guests with more ease, and what more could a fabulous host ask for?

Lacanche spotted in “Kitchn” spread

The Kitchn recently posted a gorgeous spread which included a rave about Lacanche ranges: http://www.thekitchn.com/thekitchn/kitchen-design/gorgeous-french-ranges-128081

Great hub for kitchen related content!  I love the fact that they showcase the beautiful design concepts of the most popular room in the house alongside recipes and fun food facts.  I just indulged in a great article about Irish scones.  Unsurprisingly, the secret to the Irish’s success is the key to practically any culinary venture turned absolutely decadent: lots of butter.

Art Culinaire’s Lunch Bunch tradition

The staff of Art Culinaire shares a long standing tradition. Every Tuesday, we come together as a family of co-workers and have lunch in our beautiful showroom here in Seattle. The group, Lunch Bunch, is a welcome blessing as we settle into the flow of the work week. As a company dedicated to creating beautiful memories in the kitchen, it is only fitting that we delight in our own ritual of culinary adventures.

Last week, I volunteered to make lunch for the staff, eager to get some cooking time in with our in-house Cluny. My first cooking experience with the Lacanche was a delight to prepare a lasagna and minestrone soup for my co-workers. The range top provided me with more space than I could have dreamed of filling up; the large 18,000 BTU burner provided a fast boil for the pasta and a great simmer for the soup. The duel ovens were a treat to use, as I heated the lasagna in the gas oven and warmed some bread in the electric. After my wonderful first go at the Lacanche, I can most definitely say that our beautiful Cluny is absolutely perfect for multi-tasking and ideal for entertaining.

Big smiles all around the Lunch Bunch as we sat and shared a home cooked meal. Preparing food with love is always a key tactic for a successful cooking venture, especially when you’re breaking bread with very special people.

Food Network’s Aarti’s Party: Lacanche is range of choice!

Lacanche is featured on the Food Network! Look for the beautiful stainless steel Cluny featured in Aarti Party’s kitchen every Sunday at noon. Aarti Sequeira won Season 6 of The Next Food Network Star, spicing up familiar American dishes with a blend of her Indian heritage.

Check out her official Food Network page: http://www.foodnetwork.com/aartis-party-show-page-0810/video/index.html.  Those baked samosas and mint chutney look extra beautiful coming out of a Lacanche range.

Welcome to Voilà!

Art Culinaire, distributer of Lacanche ranges, welcomes you to our new lifestyle blog.

Among other things, here you will find updates featuring Lacanche news, helpful owner tips, recipes, lifestyle pieces, kitchen design, and all things relating to the art of gastronomy.

We will also showcase some of our wonderful ambassadors, who serve as faithful devotees of our brand and turn their kitchens into showrooms for our clients.  Through them, we will document the experience of home cooking and the kitchen as the heart of the house.  Keeping connection with our customers is important to us as we help bring family back to the table.

On that note, the Lacanche Cluny is featured in the latest issue of Trends magazine: http://ebooks.trendsideas.com/ebook.aspx?MagID=4&MagNo=404&pageno=32

The popular model, featured in British Racing Green, is placed in a remodeled 1920’s era Tudor-style kitchen.