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With over 250 years of expertise
Lacanche has become the heart of
countless kitchens.

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Lacanche Ranges may be customized
in color, finish and configuration.

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Handcrafted in the heart of Burgundy and
produced purely from the finest
of materials.

black lacanche range with black cabinets
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Romancing Lacanche

Art Culinaire, sole distributor of Lacanche Ranges in the US, welcomes you. Our story starts in Lacanche, a small village in Burgundy for it is here that some of the world's premier kitchen ranges have been designed and handcrafted for more than two centuries. In 1995, an enduring partnership was forged between Art Culinaire and Lacanche and these French gems started gracing many US kitchens.

For more information, download our brochure which includes models, prices, and customization options.

Classique SERIES

Traditional . Timeless . Classique

Remarkable sophistication for the most discerning of chefs, the Classic line pays homage to the past while surpassing time or trend. They are the centerpiece of the kitchen igniting the simple pleasures of cooking and the joy of gathering.

Beck Allen Cabinetry, Maryland Heights Showroom, Alise O'Brien Photography
Beck Allen Cabinetry, Maryland Heights Showroom, Alise O'Brien Photography
Stoffer Photography/Elements Architectural Group


Contemporary . Clean . Modern

Combining French tradition with contemporary charm, The Moderne Collection lends artistry and elegance to a bespoke culinary icon. Lacanche French Ranges offer the highest expression of culinary art to both cooking enthusiasts and professional chefs alike.

Your taste. Your Style

Enjoy unlimited customization - from endless colors to unique trims and configurations.
Lacanche ranges enhance the look and feel of any kitchen.

Lacanche ranges blend design and function, Custom built and meticulously handcrafted to be a superior cooking instrument.

Our rangetops are the ultimate tool for the at-home chef. Set the stage for creating great meals for family and friends.

Find the perfectly perfect color for you by selecting from more than 27+ available porcelain enamel premium color finishes.

You pick the subtle details. Choose your oven controls, drawer knobs and rod ends in brass, chrome, brushed stainless, or nickel.

Helping you discover the range
of your dreams

Start planning your dream kitchen. Download a complimentary brochure which includes current
pricing, specifications, ordering information, and a printout of range colors.