Celebrating Lacanche's Anniversary

Delve into the rich history of the Lacanche factory in the heart of Burgundy, France with this video produced by our wonderful French counterparts at the SIL Factory (Société Industrielle de Lacanche).  Panning from the skilled craftsmen building your range to seeing panel sets fired in the kiln.. this is a wonderful opportunity to experience the care and artisanship crafted into each unique range.  And perhaps if you’re lucky enough, you’ll be able to visit the factory yourself for the full Lacanche experience!

Bringing your Family Back to the Table


Cooking as a nurturing process began with the visual and continues in the tactile and auditory experience of the Lacanche: the sound of the flame igniting and the feel of the knobs smooth surface. The Lacanche evokes the strongest sense experience known to humans, olfactory. The aroma of favorite dishes passed on from generation to generation, or the addition of new recipes that will become tradition, welcomes family and friends and envelops them in memories, in creating memories.

2 Available Range Heights!


As of May 1, 2015, you can now specify a taller range height of 36 5/8” (930 mm) if you prefer. The default range height will remain 35 3/8” (900mm). The default height of 35 3/8″ will adjust to the standard height of 36″ cabinetry with the included extended leveling feet (or to a maximum height of 36 1/2″). However, to meet the demands of the market desiring taller cabinetry, we are happy to offer the higher height of 36 5/8″ upon request. With extended leveling feet, this higher range height can reach 37 3/4″.