Brass Cleaning

PLEASE NOTE: Before cleaning, be sure to close the gas supply and/or isolate from the main electrical supply.

Brass Burner Caps

The brass burner caps are shiny due to the machining process. Even though the cosmetic look is appealing, brass is ultimately chosen as a material for its durability and machinability. With normal use, the brass will lose its shine, become bronzed, and patina in appearance. Over-polishing the brass caps is not recommended because performance may be affected and result in burner malfunction. Simply clean with a cloth using dish soap and water. In order to remove heavier, baked-on grease splatter, submerge the caps with tongs into boiling white vinegar for 10-15 seconds. After, you may polish the caps with Mother’s Mag & Aluminum Polish. Enameled steel burner cap covers are available as cosmetic covers for discolored brass burners.

Brass Trim

First clean the brass using soap and water, or glass cleaner. To remove heavier tarnish, grease, or other impurities, use a metal cleaner and polish, such as Mother’s Mag & Aluminum Polish. When polishing the towel bar-holders, and oven door bar-holders, you may use masking tape to protect the surrounding enamel.

CAUTION: When caring for brass parts, do not allow the harsher polishes or cleaners to come in contact with enameled surfaces. The chemicals will cause permanent damage to the enameled finish.  The Mother’s Mag & Aluminum Polish product will not effect the enamel.

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