Duparquet Copper Diffuser

Copper heat diffusers spread the heat quickly and evenly giving any pan the benefits of copper. 1/8″ copper thickness (3+mm) No hot spots – no scorching! 8″ square Drilled hole for hanging Lifetime warranty Hand-made in America

Cleaning Kit

Our recommended cleaning products, available in a convenient kit for home use. Printed cleaning instructions Super soft microfiber cleaning and polishing cloth Sprayway Glass Cleaner Bon Ami Cleaner Easy Off Oven Spray Mothers Mag and Aluminum Polish Natural Bristle Cleaning Brush *Please note: This item is not included with range purchase. Cleaning products and instructions… Read more »

Lacanche Apron

An embroidered official Lacanche logo is featured on the front of this lovely hot pink, black or beige apron. These come to us straight from Lacanche in Burgundy, France.  

Brass Burner Caps

1.5kW / Faced (SF) – $65.00 3.0kW / Faced (F) – $87.00 4.0kW / Faced (I) – $110.00 5.0kW / Faced (UF/T) – $128.00

Burner Bowls

1.5kW (5K BTU)  – $45.00 3.0kW (11k BTU) – $48.00 4.0kW (15k BTU) – $58.00 5.0kW (18k BTU) – $62.00

Wok Ring

Included with each Lacanche range, the cast iron wok ring supports a large wok for stir frying. Design allows flame to envelop wok in a continuous wall of heat. Primarily intended for use above the large 18,000 BTU center burner on either the Classique or Traditional Plate, wok ring also allows use above a 15,000… Read more »

Grill Plate

An optional accessory, the cast iron grill plate rests over any two side burners, locking on to grate to prevent sliding. Once seasoned, fish, lean meat and vegetables can be rapidly seared without added fats or oils. By setting the back burner to “high” and the front burner to “low” a corresponding heat gradient may… Read more »

Portable Simmer Plate

Included with Classique ranges, the cast iron portable simmer plate allows all Lacanche range owners to enjoy the functionality of a Traditional Plate. Replicates simmer and sear features of the Lacanche Traditional Plate. Rests securely on top of a side grate and placing over any pair of side burners. By setting the back burner to… Read more »

Reducing Trivet

Included with each Lacanche range, the reducing trivet bridges the gap between the cooktop grates, allowing the use of very small pots over side burners. Cormatin and Cluny models include one reducing trivet. All larger Lacanche ranges are supplied with two reducing trivets.