Sophia Loren

“Sophia Loren”

We are delighted to announce the grand debut of the new Lacanche Sully 1800 range that has made it into Frank Prisinzano‘s restaurant Sauce in lower Manhattan.  The “Griotte” red Sully is quite the stunner in the window of Tiberio Custom Meat’s, Prisinzano’s studio adjoining restaurant Sauce.  Tiberio Custom Meats is butcher by day, private dining by night where it transforms into a single-table restaurant seating a quaint 10.

sophia loren

The back of Frank’s Sully 1800 facing the private dining room. Photo credit:

Lacanche and Prisinzano share many of the same strong-rooted philosophies about food, creating a seamless fusion for collaborative work.  While Art Culinaire’s mission is to bring your family back to the table with meals prepared with local organic produce, Prisinzano works exclusively with 100% sustainable products sourced locally.   Additionally, all of their animals are fed a complete vegetarian diet free of growth hormones and antibiotics.

Frank has named his new beauty Sophia Loren after the renowned Italian actress. Take a look at quick video featuring Frank Prisizano and his thoughts about Lacanche:


Glad we could resolve our French vs. Italian rivalries and create a beautiful union together.