Food Is Art.. Is Life

Please enjoy these wonderful recipes, contributed by both Lacanche owners and by the Lacanche folks in France. Our guiding philosophy involves two inspiring themes: “bringing friends and families back to the table” and promoting “farm to table”. By celebrating healthy cuisine, culture and artistic expression, we hope to play a small role in connecting you to your loved ones through delicious meals and time spent around the hearth.

Coq au vin

Recipes "Coq au Vin," literally translating to chicken in wine, is an absolute quintessential French dish from Burgundy. An absolute crowd pleaser and is typically served with potatoes.

Chicken Piccata

Recipes Thinly pounded, seasoned chicken breasts sautéed until golden brown and served with an easy lemon and caper pan sauce.

Fig Clafoutis

Recipes Simple and delicious French inspired dessert that goes well with any fresh fruit, especially dark sweet cherries, or in this recipe, figs! A simple batter is all that’s needed to perfect this dish. Goes well with a sweet white wine from Alsace region of France.

Green Beans with Shallots and Cream

Recipes Green beans really come to life with sauteed shallots and a touch of cream. Chef Keith Snow demonstrates how-to make this simple green bean dish.

Portuguese Kale and Potato Soup

Recipes A delicious comfort food soup with spicy chorizo sausage.

Traditional Quiche

Recipes A savory, open-crust pastry filled with a creamy-egg mixture. Can be served hot or cold. This version is filled with bacon, chives, and parsley!