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Seared Steak

.         “Searing is Scientific!” With any scientific endeavor, the proper tools are essential for success. Welcome to this month’s blog post! Today, we are searing a Ribeye steak and serving it with a side of roasted potatoes and broccolini. We’ll also talk about the Maillard reaction, and how it is responsible for… Read more »

Romancing Lacanche with Nicole Rojas

. To Nicole Rojas, making food is a love language.  . “It’s my way of showing you that I love you”   .         It was a pleasure to interview Nicole (@by_nicolerojas on Instagram). Her tranquil demeanor radiated throughout our time together. When talking with her, you get the sense Nicole’s commitment to… Read more »

Lemon Herb Branzino with Wilted Greens

  Happy New Year! It’s the New Year! 2023 is here and we have decided to feature Falk Cookware in our cooking demonstrations. Falk Culinair is led by Jan Van Achter, who emphasizes that the company’s philosophy remains focused on balancing tradition and modern technology in their copper cookware. He states, “My aim is to… Read more »