Oven rack query

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Oven rack query

Postby menegaux » Sun Jan 15, 2006 2:33 pm

I have a question about the oven racks for Vougeot. Perhaps the AC staff or other Lacanche owners can enlighten me on the proper installation and use of those supplied with the range.

For the large gas oven we have one rack that is flat in front and back, measures about 3/4 the depth of the oven and slides into the side grooves via bent side ledges.

We also have two other racks that have one side flat and the other side has a raised edge and metal stops on the lower sides, as well as small jut-downs about 1/2 inch from the back. These racks are about 2 inches shy of full oven depth.

Intuition and past oven experience would tell me that the raised edge belongs in the back of the oven, but the jut-downs and stops belong in the front. Perhaps this is just a unique european configuration? We can't seem to install the racks with the raised edge in back, they do slide in with raised edge front but this causes a couple of problems for us.

First, the raised edge in front makes it difficult to place and lift a sheet pan in the oven without getting burned or tilting the pan excessively.

Second, the gap in the back seems to provide less support than might be necessary for a full tray or roaster and allows for losing cooked food as it slides off the sheet pan- example our olive sourdough breadsticks from a tray that had to be tilted to remove.

So the question is have we done something wrong with the oven rack installation or is this the standard setup? If standard, how are other owners getting around the awkwardness of sheet pan baking and the rack gap? If I recall, the supplied pastry sheets don't fit well on the 3/4 depth flat rack.

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Re: Oven rack query

Postby Lisafreeman » Tue Nov 20, 2012 8:17 am

I have the same problem. It is so frustrating. Please someone advise.

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Re: Oven rack query

Postby Stan » Tue Nov 20, 2012 2:37 pm


hi folks....figuring this out the first time can be frustrating and awkward - always feel free to call Art Culinaire at any time (800.570.2433). in short, you appear to be installing the oven racks backwards and trying to install the warming cabinet rack in the horizontal oven. the rack with two flared sides fits lengthwise in the warming/vertical oven, flares extending upwards. the heavier gauge wire racks have an extra anti-tip steel bar that fits to the rear of the wider oven, as seen in the pic below. its 1" air gap at the rear assists with proper heating and airflow but shouldn't prevent you from roasting a 30+ pound turkey. if the rack sticks, the guides may have shifted in shipment. one video clip (above) shows a brief view of the rack and describes how the rack supports can be repositioned after shipment. if you are still having issues with sticky racks, confirm that your range has been leveled properly. hope this helps!

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